The FRIB Project Team is establishing FRIB as a DOE Office of Science scientific user facility for research with rare isotopes. It will be open to researchers from around the world based on the merit of their proposals. With a community of approximately 1400 scientists from universities, national laboratories, postdoctoral research associates, and graduate students, it is anticipated that 400-500 users will be active at the facility each year.

The ultimate success of FRIB is intimately tied to its ability to produce world-class science and to realize the scientific aspirations of its users. This is why MSU will work closely with the FRIB Users Organization and theory community to ensure that FRIB meets their needs.

For more information, please contact Manager for User Relations Jill Berryman or Associate Laboratory Director for User Relations Michael Thoennessen.


Since November 2013, the FRIB Project communications department has issued an FRIB Project Update for Users, featuring significant project milestones and other news. It is available here in pdf form. Please e-mail questions, comments or suggestions to

July 2015 FRIB Laboratory Update for Users

March 2015 FRIB Laboratory Update for Users

November 2014 FRIB Project Update for Users

August 2014 FRIB Project Update for Users

January 2014 FRIB Project Update for Users

November 2013 FRIB Project Update for Users