Science Advisory Committee (SAC)

The SAC provides external advice to the FRIB Laboratory Director on scientific choices, scientific vision, and matters related to optimizing the scientific discovery potential of FRIB. The SAC is comprised of eminent scientists, most with extensive rare-isotope science expertise.

Ani Aprahamian, University of Notre Dame

Klaus Blaum, MPI für Kernphysik

David Dean, Chair, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Rolf Ent, Jefferson Laboratory

Robert Janssens, Argonne National Laboratory

Katherine Grzywacz-Jones, University of Tennessee/Knoxville

Augusto Macchiavelli, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Gail McLaughlin, North Carolina University

Michael Ramsay-Musolf, University of Massachusetts/Amherst

Michael Smith (ex officio), Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Witold Nazarewicz (ex officio), Michigan State University Facility for Rare Isotope Beams