MSU Project Management Team

The MSU FRIB Project Management Team designs and establishes FRIB as a Department of Energy Office of Science national user facility to support the mission of the Office of Nuclear Physics. Once FRIB is completed the FRIB Project will cease to exist and the MSU FRIB Laboratory will operate FRIB as a national user facility.

Thomas Glasmacher
Project Manager
Al Zeller
Associate Project Manager
Jie Wei
Accelerator Systems Division Director
Georg Bollen
Experimental Systems Division Director
Brad Bull
Conventional Facilities and Infrastructure Division Director
Dan Stout
Project Chief Engineer
Peter Grivins
Environmental, Safety, Health and Quality Manager
Robert Lowrie
Environmental, Safety, and Health Deputy Manager


The MSU FRIB Laboratory will operate FRIB as a national user facility once the FRIB Project is complete. During design and establishment of FRIB, the FRIB Laboratory interacts with the scientific community on MSU’s behalf.

Konrad Gelbke
FRIB Laboratory Director
Bradley Sherrill
Associate Laboratory Director for Users
Witek Nazarewicz
FRIB Chief Scientist