President's Project Advisory Committee (PPAC)

The PPAC provides external advice on FRIB activities to the MSU President and Provost. More specifically, the committee provides continuity of oversight of the FRIB project on behalf of the MSU President and Provost until the completion of the project, and reviews progress of FRIB project, especially on matters related to construction planning, project management, technical performance, user issues, and safety. PPAC members are:

James Decker, Chair, Principal Deputy Director, DOE Office of Science (Retired)

William Barletta, Director of the US Particle Accelerator School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

James Duderstadt, President Emeritus and University Professor of Science and Engineering, University of Michigan

Dean Helms, U.S. Department of Energy Executive (Retired)

James Symons, Director, Nuclear Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory